I’ve heard from you that your plate is full, and you’re super busy. You’re not able to declutter your home, take action on your goals, or even do the seemingly mundane tasks. Therefore, I’ve decided to share my time management tips for achieving more with 24 hours!

Efficiently managing your time requires creating a results-oriented routine. For someone like me who thrives in dynamic work schedules, this was a challenge. However, methods can be static or dynamic to suit your style.

Before discovering this proven strategy for managing my time, I could barely get 30 minutes a day to work on my dream projects. Now, I get tasks that are important to me, completed seamlessly. I hope that this will be your testimonial using this strategy.

Why do you need time management tips, and why am I sharing?

For one, my guess is you are fed up with been busy all day and having no tangible results to show for it! Therefore, you are ready to do what it takes to achieve more results. Unfortunately, getting some extra time added to your day is off the table as an option. So what can one possibly do?

I’m sharing my exact time management methods, including what you should focus on to get the most results as quickly as possible.

To start with, how much time do you have on any given day? Duh! Twenty-four hours, of course, I hear you respond. The answer is quite apparent, so what’s the value of asking this question?

I asked so that you could respond not just to me but to yourself. We all have twenty-four hours, both you and that other person who is daily smashing her goals and living a life you only ever imagine. So what’s the missing puzzle? Where has all your time gone? Why are you struggling while Suzie is thriving?

The graph below gives a quick overview of how the ‘average’ person allots her time. Notice how outside a 9-5 full-time job and 8-hours of sleep, you still have a ‘third quadrant,’ i.e., an 8-hours window. So what do you do with your third quadrant?

Now that you see how much time you spend engaging in non-value adding activities, I’ll share five tips to help you better manage your time.

Five Ways To Better Manage Time

  1. Create a routine – The most successful people in the world have habits that they stick to daily. It could be a morning run, prayer & meditation, making your bed, or whatever else helps you keep a daily discipline. The most productive habits are those directly related to your goals or help energize you for the day’s work. 
  2. Start early – By this, I don’t mean to wake up early. You may not be an early riser; neither am I. However, I urge you to set off quickly on your goals once your day begins.
  3. Say NO more often – Try not to take on tasks that are unrelated to your goals. Understandably you’d like to help everyone, but usually, this happens at a cost – most times your time and plans. Don’t be shy to turn down random asks, and if it makes it easier, you could offer to help at a later date when you have some free time.
  4. Do more value-add activities – Focus your efforts on tasks that yield desired results. For example, if you are in business, you want to focus on creating awareness and setting up calls with prospects instead of designing business cards. As much as you can, outsource tasks that don’t play to your strength and are time-consuming.
  5. Set and track daily goals – Write down your daily goals – no more than 3-5. When your vision for the day is clear, it’ll be easier for you to follow through.

These five tips are guaranteed to help you achieve so much more in your day.

Timely Bonus

In addition to all that I’ve shared, do you think having a template to track your time and daily activities will benefit you? Yes, I thought so too. 

Therefore, I am sharing the same model that I use every single day to track my results-driven activities. It is simple and great for visualizing your day down to the minutes. You can download the template here: Time Management Template for Super Achievers.

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