Drop every fear and take your chance.

As we continue this forced but necessary quarantine, I’ve seen many comments, posts, and articles online where people are complaining of boredom.

True It is effortless to feel bored when one doesn’t have a plan and honestly, who knew there’d be a pandemic at this time or a lockdown for this long?

Regardless of not having a plan prior, you now have an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Remember how you always said, “if only I had time, I would do this or that”? or “I would have learned A, B or C, but for time”?

Well, here is your chance to learn new skills, take an online course, read or even write a book, take some quiet time to rethink your business model or draw up a career plan.

Whatever you choose to do in the coming weeks surely complaining, living permanently on social media street or wasting this precious gift of time idling away will not be your best choice. Here is your chance to make a shift in your life, business or career.

I have curated, below, a list of recommended books to expand your mind, imagination and experience a different culture. I strongly recommend the first book because of the principles in it. They are relevant to all areas of life, and I guarantee you’ll see results if you apply them.

I love to read from you, so please let me know how you’ve taken advantage of this gift of extra time. What are you doing with your time? Do you have any other options for keeping productive?

I look forward to hearing from you. Sending you lots of light and love,


Recommended books:

Secrets of a Millionaire Mind – T. Harv Eker

The Dip – Seth Godin

Becoming – Michelle Obama

Americanah – Chimamanda Adichie