A six weeks Online Course that will help you learn how to earn, save and grow your money consistently.


  1. How to think and take action like the world’s richest
  2. How to budget for your unique financial situation. 
  3. How to create Saving goals and crush them 
  4. How to increase your sources of income without take on a second job
  5. How to protect your net-worth and create lasting wealth


Money Mindset MasterClass

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Budgeting & Savings – Part 1 & 2

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In addition to six modules over 6 weeks, also get the following bonuses:

– Lifetime access to an online support community to keep you accountable to your goals and provide support

– Free printable budgeting and savings templates

– One-on-One session to help you develop a personalized savings plan

– Join for free the 52 weeks thrift challenge to help you meet your goals (subject to terms & conditions)

– 15% discount in The Budget Paddy all-year Planner

Get it all for 50% when you register between 1-7 December

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My name is Adaeze but most people call me Ada (guess it’s easier). You are in for fun learning, with me, over a six weeks period. 

Before I started speaking about and teaching financial empowerment, I was a typical “broke rich” woman…lol.  A successful professional, earning well BUT…. spending as much and sometimes even more than my income.  

Three things defined my existence:

– Spending my money on things that don’t matter

– Always desperately waiting for the next paycheck

– Consistently trying to fit and worrying about what others thought of me

I guess what I want you to know is that I haven’t always had this money thing figured out. I was not the most confident woman and would always spend on things that I thought will make me feel or look good. Unfortunately, this ‘feel-good’ feeling was usually short-lived.

After I went through a complicated and costly delivery of my daughter, it hit me hard…

…..this was not the life I wanted for myself!

I was tired of the constant money overwhelm. Always borrowing and waiting for the next paycheck. 

Things didn’t magically become all good after my aha moment. I made budgets that I didn’t stick to. Sometimes, I would save over a period of time and end up spending it all on those things that did not really matter.

What helped me was creating a small circle of women on the same journey. This helped me make tremendous progress and I discovered:

– Being true to myself was more important than keeping up appearances

– How to create budgets that are simple to stick to and also fun

– How to save without struggling

– How to prioritize my spend so that I was no longer spending on things that didn’t matter

I also discovered that I much enjoy teaching other women what I have learned along this journey. I want as many women as I can reach to experience the peace that comes from doing less and getting rid of money overwhelm for good.

Someone once asked me why I thought financial empowerment and discussing more openly about money struggles is important. My answer to her and you is:

” Money crisis drains your creativity and energy. When your finances are taken care of, you walk fully in your life’s purpose”

It is time to take action. Stop stressing, wondering, thinking and start doing. Today!

I show women how to grow their confidence as it concerns their finances. I teach them how to work a simple family budget which is fun and easy to create and stick to. 

Why am I able to do this? Simply because I’ve been there. I’ve felt every draining emotion that you feel, every confused thought. I teach what I know and has worked for me.

I understand the hopelessness when you realize your paycheck isn’t sufficient for more than 2 weeks. 

The embarrassment you feel when you have to explain to your child’s principal why you need extra time to pay the term’s tuition.

Your confusion knowing that you earn more than many other women and shouldn’t ordinarily be always short of money.

I will be sharing how to take those first steps to breaking the habits that are holding you down. You will also get free resources to help you get started on a winning path. Finally, you will receive my weekly newsletter (no spam) with more tips and resources.

If you can relate to where I once was or just want to learn cool ways to make your money do more for you, enter your details and click the sign up button below.

Can’t wait to work with you..