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Ready to grow your visibility and reputation as an industry expert?

Does the fear of public speaking hold you back from building your brand?
Do you feel bad each time you see your peers get invited to speak at events
because you wish you could do the same too?

You aren’t doing well with this skill either
and that’s likely the reason you are here. You have made the best decision ever for yourself and your business. I help entrepreneurs, just like yourself, to grow their visibility and reputation in the market place through confident public speaking.

About Me


I help entrepreneurs to speak more confidently about their business and competence, every time. You are GUARANTEED to feel and exude more confidence when speaking about your business offer.

I am committed to helping you clearly define your business’ purpose and coach you to communicate your value quickly and confidently every single time. I am dedicated to helping you grow your confidence!

I have seen entrepreneurs struggle with public speaking, composure and selling their business value confidently. Unfortunately, speaking about your offer is a skill that every entrepreneur MUST master to close deals.

Have you being refusing speaking engagements or finding it difficult to communicate successfully what value your business has to offer? Do you see your peers and competitors achieve more with less competence than you have? Have you watched those that you trained go-ahead to do things that you have always wished to do? Have you resorted to only referrals and word of mouth to grow your business because you are terrified to engage clients 1:1? Are you missing out on the potential PR and business growth benefits of social media because of fear of making videos?

Your struggle is over! You are an authority, and it is my business to get you speaking like one. No more stuttering, speaking off point or freezing up. The public speaking for entrepreneur’s course will set you up with critical communication skills. You’ll also learn how to craft your business value more compellingly and convincingly so that you deliver your pitch with confidence every single time.

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Adaeze is dynamic at connecting with her target audience and getting them to take required action. She has mastered this skill and teaches it perfectly.

Charles Imuzeze

Managing Director, Permutation Media Concepts

I can always count on Adaeze to help put my thoughts and content together before my most critical business pitches. She is truly the Queen of conversations.

Tobi Olanihun

MD, WOW Connect Services

Structuring business purpose, benefits and values into a concise everytime-ready introduction is what Adaeze promises and delivers.

Kola Oshalusi

Creative Lead, Insignia Media

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start The Journey To A MORE CONFIDENT You Today!